What counts as US Clinical Experience (USCE)?



For those who graduated abroad and applying for US residency clinical training how much clinical experience in the US is a good clinical experience and what type of experience is recommended? Is it true that the best type of experience is a Subinternship?


an externship or a Subi is most helpful I believe. Also you will need to obtain good letters of rec.


US Clinical Experience (USCE) is defined as any hands on work with patients in a US medical environment. What typically counts is Externships, Clerkship, Subinternships and any clinical rotations completed in the US. What typically doesn’t count is Observerships (shadowing), volunteer, research, or experiences in Canada/UK.

If you are an IMG, you need to be aware of any minimum requirements programs may have for USCE. Some programs don’t require any or only prefer to see it, while others want to see a set amount.


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You should be uploading 3-4 Letters of Recommendation, and typically it takes 4 weeks to earn 1 LOR. The highest level of USCE is a Post Graduate Sub-internship, as it is sanctioned by the Graduate Medical Education office, and it will give you direct exposure to residents, faculty and/or Program Directors. “Externships” are also very favorable, but try to avoid observerships/shadowing as they hold minimal value.


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How big is the difference between and Externship and a Sub-internship? Which one is easier to obtain?


The difference between the two is significant, since the sub-i will give you more a feel of what it is like as a PGY-1. You will be expected to be on-call and interacting with other residents. Externships will be far more easier to find, and can be more accommodating for someone who is studying for steps, or has a part-time job, or even a family to take care of.


In which field of study is a Sub-internship? Is it exclusively IM?


There are Post Graduate Sub-I’s in Psychiatry, Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Radiology, General Surgery, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Dermatology, Neurology, Sports Medicine and Emergency Medicine.

Which specialty are you planning for?


Mainly Internal Medicine and I may also consider Family Medicine.


Please tell where and how to find sub-I and internships? Do I need a malpractice insurance for them? Thanks


@inga.l… You can call programs and inquire about if they offer a Sub-I, but unfortunately it is a tedious task to find them since to my knowledge many externship services bought these positions to re-sell. An externship service can help you with obtaining a sub-i but it is going to cost you. Some Sub-Is do not require a malpractice, at least the one I obtained at Canton, Ohio which is affiliated with NEOMED.




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How much it costs for someone ( IMG ) who wants to DO an Externship ? / Sub-I ?
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