Welcome to USMLE Press!


Welcome to USMLE Press

Introducing the medical community’s newest and most innovative forum for medical professionals entering medical school through residency and fellowship. USMLEPress is a clean, user-friendly forum built on trust, communication, and support.

On USMLE Press you can:

  • Ask any USMLE or residency related questions, share or receive experiences and knowledge
  • Utilize social media features such as “like” and “share”
  • Engage in open and active conversation
  • Collect badges the more you participate
  • Move through the ranks to become a trusted member
  • Interact with medical industry influencers directly

If you’re tired of spammy, irrelevant conversation or cluttered interfaces, USMLEPress is the forum you’ve been waiting for.

We are open to your suggestions. If you have any feedback, please contact: support@www.usmlepress.com


Thank you UPress.


Thx a lot


Thanx USMLE Press.


I am very happy to have discovered this forum! You guys are awesome!


realy it is fantastic site…thx to his manger and all his members


Impressed with your work guys. New forum with great features! Keep it up.


Thank you for this well designed forum!


Thank you for joining. Do not hesitate to ask questions as we have designed this forum to assist you with any question you may have, from USMLE exams to residency preparation. :raised_hands: