Visas at US Consulates worldwide



Obtaining visa at US consulates is frequently the most difficult part of the process. If you need assistance, you may contact me: Arun K. Chhabra, Attorney with 40+ years of practice in this area from my base in the Washington DC area. 703 791-1159. Email: I’m also available for assistance with J-1 waivers.


I have seen your name before on other forums from people who were complaining about your service? have you been sued before? I am sorry for bringing this up but just making sure. Also I was under the impression that this forum wouldn’t take posts with advertisements like this one.


Try to improve your English before posting on the internet.


I do not know who you are but your actions indicate to me that either you have me mixed up with someone else or that you have another ulterior motive.

FYI, I have been practicing law for more than 48 years. Contrary to your gossip mongering, I have never been sued. However, lately, I have cut down on my workload. For one, I’m now in my 70s and, as such, am no longer interested in pursuing a full-time, 9 to 5, workload. For another, I recently lost my wife of 40 years. That has taken away a lot of joy and cheer out of my life. How much money do you need when you are downsizing in life, anyway?

Nowadays, I prefer to take only those cases which can be resolved in a relatively short time, such as:

  • Visa matters at the US Consulates worldwide, as these cases are generally disposed of in a matter of days, weeks, or months at the most. I provide consultation before the submission of visa application and I represent applicants whose visa has been delayed or denied.

  • I like to troubleshoot in cases that for some reason become stuck in the pending piles of the bureaucracy. Since headquarters of all government agencies dealing with immigration matters are located in Washington, DC, within easy reach of my office, I feel I can personally visit the bosses with the request for help in untangling lost or misplaced cases.

  • I handle relative petitions as I can move them speedily as long as the applicants can furnish the needed supportive documents. There’s a special pleasure to be had in getting families reunited. Anyways, who can know it as well as one who has loved and lost his partner of four decades?

  • I like to help students with their requests for employment authorization as they have been given a very limited time for OPT work permission. About 50 years ago, I came to this country as a student. A number of kind souls then helped me. I feel it’s now my turn to do the same now.

  • I like to help J-1 Exchange Visitors in applying for and obtaining a waiver of the 2-year foreign residency requirement. I hate to see a highly qualified person complete his/her research and training program and then not succeed in their goal because of this hitch foreign residency pre-condition.

  • Incidentally, that’s also the chief reason that I have cut down my fees to half or less than that, what lawyers normally charge so that I can give back to society what I’ve received in life. It is also for this reason that I have started checking applicants self-prepared application forms for completion and correct filling as the Immigration Service has now clearly stated that they would outright reject faulty submissions without returning the filing fee.

Call or contact me over the phone if you have any further questions or concerns.

Arun K. Chhabra, Attorney.


No bad intentions here. I really wanted a clarification and instead you have offended me for my English! I did see few complaints about the same name mentioned in the post Arun K. Chhabra and after a search I did find something related to a lawsuit under the same exact name. If otherwise, I really appreciate your detailed response. Also, I am sorry for the loss of your wife.

Nowadays there are many people preying on poor Med Students and we are very conscious about it. It is our duty to look after each other in this difficult journey.



This is the document I found online that mentioned the same name in what it seems someone have filed to sue Arun K. Chhabra:


It might not be you… but the person is a lawyer in the DC area with same name! And that is what I read in one of the forums few years ago that brought my attention.


I have never had a suit file against me to the best of my information and knowledge - not even a traffic ticket in the last 6-7 years or before that. I, however, recall a policeman once stopped me about a mile from my home when I was rushing to get back as my wife had fallen near our car and could not get up on her own. She was panicked thinking what if another can came to park nearby and failed to notice her. (Looking back, her ALS ailment had started except we did not know then). I explained to the policeman my reason for hurry, but as far as I can recall he still gave me the ticket. I paid the fine and that was that. If you have any contrary information, please tell me. I would like to look into that.

As to my rude remark, please forgive me. Sometimes I tend to become irritable. Wonder if everyone who goes through this type of unhappy like mine gets so easily offended? Please know I did not mean it.
Rgds - Arun Chhabra