USMLE Step 3 - I can help with questions



I took the new USMLE step 3 and passed. If anyone has questions let me know.


Thank you @Mojibawi! Congratulations! :hospital:


Congrats Mo!


Topic re-opened for launch… If anyone wishes to ask questions about step 3 please ask Dr. @Mojibawi


Congrats and thank you @Mojibawi!

Which part of the USMLE step 3 you found to be the most challenging and how did you approach it and prepare for it? I am taking it soon.

Do you think it will help me in increasing my chances when applying for residency? Are you currently a resident?


Congratulations! I know there was a new format introduced in late 2015. What are the major points in terms of changes from the old to new format?


congrats man!! I’m just wondering if it’s worth it for imgs to take the step 3 before applying for residency or wait till after…


It does help to have step 3 before applying.


Isn’t having at least first year internship helps better with passing step 3?


Only take it if you are confident that you will pass.


Thanks everyone.


plz tell us about the study materials i want to start today and i dont know what to do and where to start from


If you have already went through the entire material once through textbooks or live lecture I recommend you to focus on the First Aid and a question bank (Kaplan or UWorld). Use the QBanks as a study source (learn about all the wrong choices as well) and keep it timed. DO NOT confuse yourself with big textbooks. Keep it simple.


What are good books to study from for step three. I have first aid, I have kaplan. what is a good book to study for biostatistic if I am not good at it…


I believe High Yield bio stats and Kaplan lectures notes have good materials for biotsats in general. @loda2008


Thank you Dr. @Mojibawi


I live in chicago Illinois . Looking for a USMLE step three partner to study and solve question.