THAL - Thalassemia



A quick brain engraving mnemonic, please participate and add anything that is Thalassemia high yield facts for Step 1 in the replies. Lets cover one high yield topic a day. Thanks to Medicowesome


Thank you for sharing @Moon. When Are you planning to take step 1?


β thalassemia minor has increased RBC count

β thalassemia major has increased Reticulocyte count


Planning for step 1 in couple of months. :slight_smile:


USMLE High Yield Images

Target Cells :arrow_down:

Howell Jolly Bodies :arrow_down:


Beta-Thalassemia results in the reduction of beta chains of hemoglobin due to errors in the processing of the initial mRNA transcript. The mechanism is most likely to involve a single nucleotide change in which of the following?

  • A. AUG start codon
  • B. Enhancer element in the first intron
  • C. Splice site
  • D. Termination codon
  • E. Upstream promoter element

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Good work @moon! This is indeed an extremely high yield topic on Step 1!


Thank you! Is there a way to look up the correct answer?


I will post the answer soon. :slight_smile: @Moshe


Answer is C - Splice Site