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my concern is that if i can apply to the match being in my internship.
let me explain
i finish my internship the 31 of december and match starts 15 of septmber, so can i apply for match or i have to wait finishing my internship and get my diploma to start the proccess??

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Hi Daniel,
In order to apply for the Residency Match as an IMG in most places, they required an ECFMG certification to be ready with the application or before you go to the interview.
To have the ECFMG certification you’ll be required to pass the USMLE step 1 and step 2 CK and CS (have in mind that they take time to have the results ready, especially the CS)
I’m not sure about the diploma because I did my ECFMG certification after finishing med school and at that time they required the transcripts and diploma as well.
I hope this can help you in any way.

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