Low Step 1 score, chances to Match?



My stats are below:

Step 1: 203
Step 2: 224
CS: first attempt

I just finished my cs and might participate in SOAP, but if SOAP doesn’t work out, do I have a chance to match? Anyone have any advice??


I believe that is you prepare well (strong rec. letters and PS) you do have a chance. I have seen friends with minimum passing scores who match last year. Good luck :slight_smile:


thank you!!! :joy:


You definitely have a chance to Match! But it also depends on specialty, your grad date, immigration status, and the number of LORs you have from the US.

DM me if you need additional advice =)


I need some advice with matching in residency! I also have low avg scores 219/231/ cs pass first attempt/ 216 in step 3 . I applied last year couldnot match, how could I improve my cv and chances of matching?