J-1 Physicians: J-1 Waiver FAQS



Do you have any questions about J-1 visa, J-1 waiver and H-1B visa for Physicians? Check out these FAQs and share your thoughts: http://cugasanalaw.com/J-1-Physicians-J-1-Waiver-FAQS-56.html


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As an attorney, which visa you would recommend an International Medical Graduate (IMG) to seek and what are the main differences? I am referring to those applying to residency.


Mathew: thank you for your question. IMGs can complete their residency for the most part in either J-1 or H-1B status. Those who enter in J-1 status, as I explained above will be subject to the 2 year foreign residency requirement upon completion of their residency unless they obtain a waiver. Also, H-1B status is only valid for 6 years and it is granted in 3 year increments. So if one completes an Internal Medicine Residency for example which is 4 years, it means he/she will only be eligible for only 2 remaining years in H-1B status. If he/she does not obtain green card sponsorship, he/she will have to leave the U.S. for at least one year. Also, H-1B status is sponsored by a U.S. employer which may be reluctant to sponsor a resident given the lengthy process and fees involved.


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