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Hello… I am Marisol Vega, Admissions Specialist at Rush University Graduate College Chicago. I would like to call your attention to our Masters in Clinical Research Program at Rush Graduate College that provides instruction on designing, execution and analysis of clinical research. Students in the Master’s Program in the second year undertake a clinical research program and write a Thesis based on their research. The Program encourages young researchers and provides necessary training to residents and fellows in areas needed for successful research. In the first year there are two semesters of didactic lectures, followed by 3 semesters of Thesis Research with Rush faculty. We are having an Information Session on March 28th at the Rush campus. 600 S. Paulina, Chicago. Stop on By for information!


Awesome! thanks @marisol_vega. Do you have a contact phone number to reach you? Or is it only walk in?


I am coming to the US next week… will it be too late to stop by?


312-942-7994 direct line

No, we are conducting an information session on March 28th at 5:30pm at Rush University – 600 S. Paulina Suite AA 438, Chicago, Illinois 60612.

Please stop by.

Give me a call if you need directions.


I need help with my step 1. Iive a round Philadelphia.


Hello @Noor. Are you seeking a test prep center? or a study partner?


Studying for step 1 from Ross. Thanks you for making this forum. Its awesome.


+10 years plus since graduation, IMG from India. Nice to meet you all.


Hi there…studying for step1 at the moment…IMG from Russia


Applying for residency in few months, an IMG from Spain. I love the vibe of this forum. Great to be here. Thanks


Hi everyone, I am an IMG from Uzbekistan in Wisconsin.