Introduce yourself!


Hello :grin: why doesn’t everyone introduce themselves and say a little about themselves?


I am 4th year med student from Ross. Which school did you attend? Looking forward some USMLE step 2 ck prep… Any good discussions going on?


@NetG: oh nice!! Ross is one of the big 4 right?
There’s a CK sub-category for you to ask about ck related discussions in the USMLE category :+1:


Ross! I would say so :)… Thank you @medguy87


@NetG @medguy87 Nice to meet you guys! Can’t wait to see more people joining this new forum. It looks very sophisticated :slight_smile:


With which one you identify the most?? :relieved:




Nice to meet you.


Hahaha :joy::joy::joy:


Hello everyone,
I went to St. Matthews for medical school and LSU for residency. I finished residency about 6 months ago. It feels amazing to be done with the USMLE.


Nice to meet you @Mojibawi. Whats your overall experience at LSU and which field did you complete your training for? It’s great to have seniors and attendings helping us with the process in this forum!


Great having you here Dr. @Mojibawi!


St. Matthews SOM graduate. Founder of Electronic Residency Inc. (Match A Resident, Residency Statement and Electronic Residency). Electronic Residency was established in 2004 to assist medical students and graduates though the process of applying for US residency training. I am one of the Influencers in this forum and looking forward answering your questions.


@Moshe I had a great experience at LSU. I did. Family Medicine. New Orleans is a great city to do residency. I had many job offers before finishing residency.


Thank you. As far as the program itself, teaching environment and faculty?


I have helped medical students for the last ten years who have received irregular behavior letters from USMLE/NBOME. If not dismissed or rejected, the chances of matching or getting approved by a State Medical Board are not good. When you ask about " good discussions" please reference " of public information" or “non-proprietary items”. Don’t have to hire me due sloppy statements. thanks


Hey @Barristerbbennett I am sorry can you elaborate further? Sorry I did not fully understand your comment.


Windsor University SOM graduate, just completed my Internship in Nigeria still about to take step 1


Saint Matthews and currently preparing for step 2 CK and CS.


Good luck with step 1 @Uju_Nwauwa . How are you preparing for Step 1?