High yield topic for step 1


70yr oldman undergoing evolution for occult blood.
A section of transverse colon from a similar pt is shown.wht is the likely Dx?Uplo ading…


Cant able to upload pic.


Here is different ways to display images on USMLE Press:

  • You can drag and drop images (yes, more than one, even) into the composer.
  • You can paste images into the composer using command+v or ctrl+v*
  • You can paste a link to an image into the composer, on a line by itself. We automatically onebox the image and make it show up in your post.
  • You can use the image upload button on the composer toolbar.

If you have the link to the image we will embed it for you, but we like to see you doing it on your own so you may always post images. :wink: Let us know if you have any questions.