First aid study



I asked about usmle express videos, how can i get it free and is it possible to read from first aid only to get usmle step 1 with high score?

Any comments please



Besides going through a review course once my main focus now is First Aid and UWorld. I am not familiar with USMLE Express videos.


I am not sure if you are able to get USMLE express for free as they aren’t available outside the USMLERx system.


I am focusing most on question banks such as kaplan and uworld… I believe that the more questions you practice and learn form the better the outcome.


First Aid and Q-banks are enough to ace the test in my opinion.


Man first aid only looks like u r cramming the stuff which to me is not the best way to learn bcoz u have about 7 disciplines to master and write in one day I suggest try and get kaplan video lecture note


I agree. After going through a review course or videos once then focus on first aid and qbanks only.


I remember after my live review course I have confused myself with many review books and big textbooks. I have learned that I must keep things simple and focus on one source, a review book and a question bank. It works.

I believe the First Aid and a reputable question bank should be more than enough. The question bank should not only be for evaluation purposes but also a learning tool. Add notes to your First Aid as you capture high yield facts from the question bank after each timed block you’ve completed.




I am using first aid but I felt I needed more than that. I use Pathoma and Osmosis to compliment it. I am an audio/visual person which I found it useful.