First Aid for USMLE Step 1


Hey guys… Do you know if the 2015 FA version is good enough for preparing step 1? Or do you suggest getting the latest edition?


I usually tend to not miss new information that may not be provided in old versions. I suggest getting latest edition.


:thumbsup: @Moshe


Hi Moon! thank you for the invitation to the forum! regarding the new First Aid version, it has some information that is not in previous versions, I have a study partner that has an older version and he always has to consult my 2016 version for the new info, is better to buy a new version, Amazon has good prices, good luck!!!


You’re welcome @satondo… Thank you very much for your response. I ordered the latest version. :slight_smile:


Using new version here. There isa good list of added facts that wasn’t in the older version.