ERAS Application Components



Questions about the ERAS application components? Visit Match A Resident blog for details. If you have any questions please come back and reply to this thread. Invite your friends.


Thank you very much @Zach. Looking forward your support this application cycle!


Dr. @Zach and Dr. @AJibawi Do you recommend creating a PROGRAM specific personal statement for those I have interest in in specific? For example I have done a rotation in Michigan where I feel I connected well, does that deserve writing a statement specific for that program?


Yes @DeSantos. A specialty specific personal statement is a must and a program specific personal statement (especially if you have experience with the program) is a BIG plus! The programs always love to see determined candidates who have interest in their program and provide the reasons.


I agree that a program specific PS adds more value to the application.


Thanks Zach!