Ecfmg certification and residency match 2018



Hey guys. For the IMGs,What’s the deadline for taking CK to be eligible for the 2018 match if you have already taken step1 and step2S. Is it july??? It takes around 2 weeks for the ecfmg certificate to be delivered i guess. Please correct me if i am wrong.


i think it’s about 3 weeks after so if you want to have it before applying in september…probably take it early august. though, that’s a busy time for USMLE so maybe earlier than that


What happens when you are from a Communist county like Cuba and you have submitted your 186 4 times to ECFMG and just because the communist government has not updated the correct signature with USA, ECFNG will continue to deny your USMLE steps. Is it not the fact that USA is not like country like Cuba. But instead a free government with Laws and intelligent people. My Doctorate has even been verified by 2 other entities in the USA. After a year battling ECFMG with my paperwork I am about to loose all my Faith. I keep asking GOD why even after leaving the Horrible country I was born in, still in a country like USA I keep being punished for it. HLEP>


Never lose hope. Hire an immigration attorney and I believe that is their job to help you with this. Good luck. :pray: