Do IMGs with USMLE scores lower than 230 even get Matched anymore?


Honestly, guys, I’m feeling a little down…the more I read the more it feels like IMGs just aren’t matching with lower scores. Any advice, or words of wisdom?


I have friends who scores much lower than that and Matched last year.

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Really??? Whare did they match?


I can’t disclose the location :slight_smile: … They have done good clinical work so I am sure their application was strong enough to land them into an interview and a Match. Apply to program who are not too crazy with lowers scores.


Don’t feel down! Many IMGs will Match with a score of under 230, but it depends on a variety of other factors (there are over 40 factors when it comes to Matching!). Which specialty are you applying to? Also, what is your immigration status? For example, the NRMP “Charting Outcomes in the Match for IMGs 2016” shows that for Internal Medicine, there were 321 U.S. IMGs who Matched with a score of under 230, and 576 non-US IMGs who matched with a score under 230.

If you have a low score, or even multiple attempts, then you definitely needed additional USCE to bolster your application.

DM me if you need any additional advice =)


Awesome! thanks for your input @Omer_Malik


Thank you for the confirmation :thumbsup:


That’s really good information, thanks!!


Also, to answer your questions, I was thinking either Internal Med or maybe Family medicine…but I don’t really have any FM experience yet. I am a US citizen, Caribbean graduate.

I don’t have multiple atempts, but more experience is always good. Any suggestions on how to get more USCE?

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FM programs definitely want you to have LORs from other FM docs, as they don’t want to feel like a backup specialty. Also, over the last couple of years I have noticed a trend in which more and more FM programs are strongly recommending a Step 3 score.

Yes, USCE is always a great idea! My goal is to utilize my nearly 8 years of experience working directly with IMGs as a resource for you guys/gals =)


Thank you for the advice and feedback :+1: I have a lot to think about

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balancing lower scores with stronger documents. Again, thank you for the info.


My friend matched in 2015 with only a passing score in both exams. the application documents matter and some luck too.


It’s always helpful to think how program directors and the committee thinks when selecting a candidate for an interview, it is not always the scores, but the overall package. Luckily, most program are smart by considering the overall application before eliminating a candidate just because of low scores.

When programs select candidates they look for those who will mostly do well for their program. “Doing well” means someone that will reassure them of his/her hard work (loving what they do), dedication (showing up on time), commitment (having a goal in mind), team work (getting along with everyone) and knowledge, etc… This reassurance should be part of the personal statement, and that is the reason why the personal statement is an important document if not the most important document in your application.

To back what you have said in your personal statement (your reassurance) the Letters of Recommendation (LoRs) should also confirm your qualities as a candidate. Your personal statement lists your qualities and your LoRs confirms these qualities.

Matching with multiple USMLE attempts

That’s extremely helpful Zach. I am very impressed with your help guys!

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Ive never thought of the application documents this way, really interesting!

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Hi. This a query from an IMG from India
we are a couple with low step scores 223 and 213. I am also an MD anesthesiology. I know you can give some advice to us for our usmle journey.