Do I need to re-do my documents for Post-Match?


I applied for the main match but only got a few interviews so I’m prepping for SOAP in case. Do I need to
completely re do my application documents?


Hey @Moshe… You may not re-do your MyERAS application component, but you may and you should consider a second look for your personal statement especially if you are planning to include additional specialties during the post-match SOAP. Also you may be obtain additional LORs to support additional specialties.


Thank you for your input @Zach. Any other recommendation in preparation for SOAP, just in case?


So I’ve been doning some research on SOAP prep and it looks like documents are the biggest thing you need to do. It also helps to learn everything you can about SOAP, look at past soaps, and think about different specialties to prepare for. Also a good week to take off from work haha

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