I graduated in 2006 from medical school with a and re did medical again and graduated in may 2017 again, because I have low score on step one, did ok on ck and passed cs. what is your advice to me and where to apply for residency ( internal medicine


Applying for residency in the US is very competitive and requires serious planning. Every document plays a role and they can be prepared in a way that attracts residency program interview committees. Learn the art of integration, means using a language that the programs want to hear through your personal statement, LoRs and residency application itself (MyERAS). Every residency program have requirements and its important to pick those that you may have the highest chance to apply for without wasting your money on irrelevant applications.

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Great ! Thank you Zach ,


may i ask you how did you redo your medical school?
i am 2007 grad and really could use your help.